About the Map
Golf has been played on the Links at St Andrews since around 1400 AD and the Old Course is renowned throughout the world as the Home of Golf.

In 1764 the Old Course consisted of 22 holes, 11 out and 11 back, with golfers playing to the same hole going out and in, except for the 11th and 22nd holes. The golfers decided that the first four holes, and therefore also the last four holes, were too short and that they should be made into two holes instead of four. This reduced the number of holes in the round from 22 to 18, and that is how today's standard round of golf was created.

Old Tom Morris set out the New Course in 1895. Named the New to differentiate it from the original course at the Links that became the Old Course, the course remains one of the finest examples of Morris' work to be found anywhere.

The Jubilee Course has developed from a basic 12-hole layout into what many consider to be the toughest test of golf at St Andrews. Created on a narrow strip of prime golfing land between the New Course and the sea, the Jubilee was originally intended for ladies and beginners. It was laid out by John Angus junior and made ready in only three months.

The beautiful and distinctive map of the Old Course, New Course and eight hole of the Jubilee Course of St. Andrews links was from Andrew Bennett's book, The Book of St. Andrews Links, published in 1898. With only 1000 copies of the book published, many have not seen the map, but now you have a chance to own a part of golf history.

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